Vintage Servants / Butler Mechanical Brass Door Bell - 5 available

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Sold Out

Vintage brass servants bell, steel sprung for use with a mechanical pulley system.

There are five graduated bells available in sizes - from top left 15, 13, from bottom left 11, 25, 37. They each have their own distinctive ring with the lower the number the larger the bell and lower the ring pitch. All are loud and resonate wonderfully.

The brass bell is sprung loaded and secured with a copper flat head pin. The brass bracket is finished off with a flower centre and unusually has a flowered sprung tail.

There is a slight difference in size between the bell, but they measure aprox:

  • 17cm (10 1/2") high
  • 25cm (10") at widest
  • 1kg

Age unknown, but they are not original antiques and probably date from the 40/50/60s era. They are good faithful examples though and will look authentic once fitted.

Cleaned and left as is, all are in excellent condition.

NB You are buying just ONE please choose which size you prefer.

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