Vintage Restored High Level Toilet Cistern in Mahogany - with Lid

Sold Out

Sold Out

This truly is the Rolls Royce of wooden toilet cisterns and ideal for the grander or classically styled bathroom.  

Beautifully crafted from quality brown mahogany with its original lid. It is fully reversible and could be fitted at high or semi high level. 

Professionally refurbished inside and out to a very high standard and in excellent working order. The wood has been given a satin finish and the inner copper liner has been highly polished. It has been fitted with a brand new dual flush syphon with integral overflow and a Silent Fill ball cock.

  • 58.5cm (23") wide (incl handle)
  • 50cm (19 3/4") wide (not incl handle)
  • 35.5cm (14") high including lid
  • 25cm (9 3/4") deep

Will require a 1 1/2" sized flush pipe (pipe that joins the toilet & cistern). 

In excellent restored condition, 100% working order and flushes effortlessly.

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