Antique Wood and Brass High Level Toilet Cistern Pull (15)

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Sold Out

An absolutely stunning Victorian wooden high level cistern toilet, or light pull with solid brass fittings.

The wood is a light weight with a beautiful swirling grain pattern to all sides. The brass fittings are classically styled with a wonderful engraved spiral pattern to bottom.

Not your run of the mill pull, but simply stunning all round and extremely tactile with its beautiful bulbous body and tapered top!

Wood has natural antibacterial properties and is a very healthy choice for your bathroom accessories.

Pull measures

  • 17.5cm (7") long (incl brass fixings but not S hook)

In excellent condition. Fully restored with a wax finish, brass is cleaned but not lacquered.

This is one of many that came from a very large private collection that was accumulated over many decades. All are very unique in style, size and/or design. Definitely not your everyday type of pulls.

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