"Standard, Modernus" Vintage 1930/50s Art Deco Style High Level Toilet

Sold Out

Sold Out

A vintage "Standard, Modernus" high level toilet. A simplistic design with a strong Art Deco style. The toilet bowl is bulbous in shape and give a striking look on the sharp pillar base.

The toilet is in excellent condition, without crazing or restoration, but there is a small hairline to the outside of the flushpipe inlet - this is superficial, does not effect functionality and won't be seen once fitted. There is also a small scratch to the inside of the bowl. It will require a standard toilet seat with fixing screws.


  • 38cm (15") high
  • 46.5cm (18 1/4") deep (to back of seat lugs)
  • 56cm (22") deep (to back of soil pipe)
  • 38cm (15") wide.
We can arrange a reliable courier for you at an approximate cost of £40 - £60 depending on your UK location.

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