"Standard, Modernus" Vintage 1930/50s Art Deco High Level Toilet Set - Cistern & Pipe

Sold Out

Sold Out

A vintage "Standard, Modernus" high level toilet complete with original pipe and cistern. This set has a simplistic design with a strong Art Deco styled lines. The toilet bowl is bulbous in shape which gives a striking look against the sharp pillar base.

The toilet is in excellent condition, without crazing or restoration, just the typical age related marks. It will require a standard toilet seat with fixing screws.

Toilet measures:

  • 38cm (15") high
  • 46cm (18 1/8") deep (to back of seat lugs)
  • 54cm (21 1/4") deep (to back of soil pipe)
  • 38.5cm (15 1/4") wide
  • waste outlet 10cm diameter

The cistern is in excellent condition. The overflow is on the right hand side and the water inlet on the left hand side. All internal parts are original and have been fully serviced. 100% working order. The height of the cistern can be adjusted via the flush pipe.

Cistern measures:

  • 40cm (15 3/4") high
  • 21.5cm (8 1/2") deep
  • 53cm (20 3/4") wide
We can arrange a reliable courier for you at an approximate cost of £60 depending on your UK location.

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