"The Solent" - Restored Antique Cast Iron Satin Bow Fronted High Level Toilet Cistern

Sold Out

Sold Out

A stylish "The Solent" - Holt Southampton, high level cast iron toilet cistern with decorative bow front.

Professionally refurbished to a very high standard and in excellent working order. The many layers of paint have been removed and the outer cast iron given a satin white finish and the inner sealed and fully waterproofed. Please note that any lines and ripples are a characteristic of the original casting and not the restorers' paint finish.

This cistern is fully reversible by simply turning around the mechanism as the manufacturer's emblem is just cast on one side. 

Beautifully crafted in solid cast iron, all the parts are original and fully serviced. Fully tested to ensure it flushes quietly and effortlessly. 


  • 48cm (18 3/4") wide (not incl handle)
  • 60cm (23 1/2") wide (incl handle)
  • 25cm (9 3/4") deep
  • 28cm (11") high (not incl handle)
  • 42cm (16 1/2") high (incl handle)

It will require a 1 1/4"  or 1 1/2" flush pipe (pipe that joins to the toilet).

In excellent condition, fully restored and in 100% working order.

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