Ornate Antique Restored Japkap Wooden High Level Toilet Cistern

Sold Out

Sold Out

A stunning and unusually designed high level antique Japkap wooden toilet cistern dated 1906.

Beautifully crafted quality wooden box with decorative moulding to the top and bottom edges. All original parts are stamped with manufacturers name and reg no/patent no's. Decorative molding is to one side only, but the flush handle & syphon can be changed to the other side making it fully reversible.

Professionally refurbished inside and out to a very high standard and in excellent working order. 

  • 52cm (20 1/2") wide
  • 61cm (24") wide incl handle
  • 25cm (9 3/4") deep
  • 24cm (9 1/2") high
  • 40cm (15 3/4") high incl handle

Will require a 1 1/4" sized flush pipe (pipe that joins the toilet & cistern). 

Fully restored in 100% working order and flushes effortlessly.

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