Antique Octagonal Glass & Nickel Door Knobs Circa 1900

Sold Out

Sold Out

  • One pair antique glass knobs with nickel shanks (silver colour)
  • One pair antique nickel plated back plates
  • Measure 5.5cm x 6.5cm
  • Uncleaned
  • Circa 1900

One pair of original Victorian nickel and glass door knobs with antique nickel brass back plates. Wonderful mercury mirrored centres for that essential sparkle.

  • 5.5cm (2 1/4") wide
  • will project 6.5cm (2 1/2") from the door

They're suitable for most door lock types including rim, mortise and push/pull.

The shanks are brass with a nickel plating and have been left uncleaned, but will polish up beautifully if that's the look that you prefer. 

In excellent antique condition but there is a small nibble on one edge and lots of wear to the nickel plating on one shank.

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