Large Vintage Strathearn Millefiori Glass Paperweight Door Handle - White Ribbons


A vintage millefiori glass paperweight door handle with brushed brass backplate, circa 1960. This ribbon design is one of the more rarer produced, of which we have 8 available.

This is 1 of 32 that we purchased from the Grandson of a gentleman who bought the last of these doorknobs direct from the factory, just after it closed its doors and ceased production forever. Unlike other knobs of this type these were safely stored away and are essentially "brand new" as they were never fitted or used .


  • glass knob 6.5cm (2 1/2") diameter
  • baseplate 6cm (2 1/4") diameter
  • will project 9cm (3 1/2) from the door

Excellent condition. Will fit push / pull doors and ones fitted with mortice locks. Unsprung and will require a standard spindle. 

A very rare opportunity to own a piece of beautiful history and add a touch of glamour to your interior and wonder at its artistic beauty every time you open that door. 

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