Vintage Restored High Level Japkap Toilet Cistern in Mahogany

Sold Out

Sold Out

This truly is the Rolls Royce of Japkap high level toilet cisterns and ideal for the grander or classically styled bathroom.

It has a beautifully crafted quality mahogany wooden box with curved sides and can be used with or without the full cover lid. The manufactures original "Japkap" bakelite badge has been removed, but can be refixed if required. All original parts are stamped with the manufacturers name and patent numbers. . Lead pictorial emblem to side.

Professionally refurbished inside and out to a very high standard and in excellent working order. The wood has been given a satin finish and the inside mechanism given a complete service to ensure efficient, quiet flushing and filling.

This cistern is probably one of the earliest dual flush cisterns that you'll ever come across. Pull and let go for a short flush, pull and hold down to completely empty.  Ideal for those on a water meter or the environmentally aware. 

Please be aware that this cistern in not reversible.

  • 49.5cm (19 1/2") wide not including handle
  • 57cm (22 1/2") wide including handle
  • 24cm (9 1/2") deep
  • 35cm (13 3/4") high not including handle
  • 37cm (14 1/2") high including handle

Will require a 1 1/4" sized flush pipe (pipe that joins the toilet & cistern). 

In excellent restored condition. 100% working order and flushes effortlessly.

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