Antique Rustic Wooden High Level Toilet Cistern - Wright Sutcliffe & Son Halifax

Sold Out

Sold Out

A charming unusually designed high level antique wooden toilet cistern circa 1900s. Features unusual insignia, stylised flush handle and copper lining.

Beautifully crafted quality pine box with dovetail joints to front and sides and makers insignia to one face "Wright Sutcliffe & Son, Halifax".

Professionally refurbished inside and out to a very high standard and in excellent working order. The box has been given a rustic semi-gloss finish to the outside.

All original parts are stamped with manufacturers name and reg no/patent no's. The syphon has been replaced with a modern plastic one which has been painted black on the inside and gold on the outside to retain authenticity. Comes complete with brass fixing nut.

  • 58cm (23 3/4") wide (incl handle)
  • 51cm (20") wide (not incl handle)
  • 23cm (9") deep
  • 24cm (9 1/2") high (not incl handle)
  • 37cm (14 1/2") high (incl handle)

Will require a 1 1/4" sized flush pipe (pipe that joins the toilet & cistern). Original refurbished ballcock.

Fully restored in 100% working order and flushes effortlessly. 

UK postage incl.

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