Ornate Antique Brass & Bone Electric Butler Bell Box Push - Light Pull


An exquisitely ornate antique brass electric indicator bell push. This would have been used in the private rooms to alert a servant or maid that assistance was required. It would have been connected to a butlers bell box and bell in the servants quarters.

Both the button and top fixing finial are hand crafted from bone. The top finial unscrews and is ideal to run a cord through to be knotted and used as a wonderfully unique light or blind pull. The brass body screw in half to reveal the original mechanism mounted on a cork like base. 

  • 4.5cm (1 3/4") wide
  • 7.5cm (32) high incl button and finial
  • 60g

In excellent condition and without damage, slight discolouration to the bone components and the finial may have been historically reduced in length at some point. Lightly polished but not lacquered.

A very high quality piece, heavy and extremely tactile. Surprisingly unsigned, which would be expected on an item of this high quality.

UK postage included

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