Restored Indicator Butler / Servants Bell Box - Bedroom & Front Door - Clokes Leeds

Sold Out

Sold Out

A professionally restored and fully tested antique servants bell box. This is a highly sought after example with it including both indicators "FRONT DOOR." and "BED ROOM".

When a bell push is pressed the corresponding star flag twinkles from side to side to alert the staff which entrance requires assistance. It would originally also have been wired up to an external bell.

The hardwood case is beautifully crafted with box joints, brass hinges and tacks. The gold paint is in great condition, as is the black facing paint, although it looks as if the wording has been historically altered. The flags are in lovely condition with authentic age related fading.

  • 19cm (7 1/2") high
  • 26.5cm (10 1/2") wide
  • 8cm (3") deep

In excellent condition, without damage, or worm. Full working order.

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