Art Deco Bakelite & Chrome French Conical Doorbell/Butler Bell - Enclosed by SACO


A unique fully restored antique door bell with bakelite case and conical chrome bell. 

This is an unusually designed bell, with all the workings being encased within the actual bell. Made in France by SACO.

It would have been originally used in conjunction with a butlers bell box and has a continuous ring. It has one fixing mount to the top.

The ring is loud and crisp, a little like the old telephones we used to have. Works on 3-6 volts. 


  • 8.5cm (3 1/4") wide
  • 7.5cm (3") deep

In excellent condition, without damage, but there is some wear to the chrome plating in places. In 100% working order 

This will add a touch of style and authenticity to your period property in an instant.

UK postage included.

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