Vintage Bakelite Art Deco High Level Toilet Cistern

Sold Out

Sold Out

Fully restored Art Deco period Bakelite high level cast iron toilet cistern. Fully restored and fitted with a Silent Fill system (not shown).
Beautifully crafted in Bakelite with strong Art Deco clean lines. The open design lets the stunning brass pipe innards just peep over the top giving it a great feature. This cistern is fully reversible by simply placing the handle on the opposite side.
Measures 51cm (20") wide, 28cm (11") deep, 24.5cm (9 3/4") high.

It will require a 1 1/4" flush pipe (pipe that joins to the toilet).

In good condition, some discolouration in places and some scuffs and nibbles to the casing. In full working order, flushes and fills effortlessly and quietly.

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