Antique French Walnut High Level Toilet Seat Professionally Restored

Sold Out

Sold Out

An unusual high quality original Victorian toilet seat, hand made from what we believe to be walnut and definitely built to look good and stand the test of time. 

 This seat has a metal band all the way around it which holds the wood under tension, but is now probably just a decorative feature.

It has been professionally restored to the very highest of standards. All the hinges are thick solid brass and the wood has a semi golden gloss finish which brings out the beautiful natural depth of the wood. 

There are no fixing holes on the back piece which will give you a neater finish when you adding your own specific to your toilet.


  •  Seat width at widest point, from left to right 39cm (15 1/4")
  • Overall depth (seat + back) 61.5cm (24 1/4")
  • Seat depth (not inc back) 46.5cm (18 1/4")
  • Back fitting alone 15cm (6") deep, 29.5cm (11 1/2") at widest
  • 3.2cm thick 

Rubber bungs will be supplied for you to fit to the underside specific to your toilet. Please contact us if you're unsure if it will fit your toilet.

A fantastic quality seat that will add a touch of class to your smallest room in an instant. 

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