Rare Antique Deep Amethyst Glass & Brass Door Knobs Circa 1800s

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Sold Out

One pair of pretty 12 sided flower designed original Victorian brass and glass door knobs. Both knobs are a deep amethyst colour (*see below for colour explanation). Wonderful mercury mirrored centres for that essential sparkle.

  • 5cm (2") wide
  • will project 5.5cm (2 1/4") from the door

They're suitable for most door lock types including rim, mortise and push/pull.

One shank is brass and the other nickel plated brass, both have been left uncleaned, but will polish up beautifully if that's the look that you prefer. 

This pair is a historical marriage which can be seen in the slight difference to the shank shape. Although this will not be apparent once they are fitted on opposite sides of  the door.

Both are in excellent condition. 

*In 1860-1915 lead was substituted with manganese to make glass brighter and act as a stabilizer. Over time it became apparent that glass made in this way turned a very light lavender colour if exposed to the sun and a wonderful deep amethyst colour if bathed in strong sunlight. This was not however a quick process and took over one hundred years to become apparent.

Consequently some pairs of handles from this era have one knob that is effected - on the sunny side of the door and one that remains clear from the shady side.

Circa 1915 the practice of using manganese in glass production ceased and most manufacturers instead used selenium as the clearing agent. Hence, if you are lucky enough to own one of these handles then you can be sure of its age and authenticity.

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