6 1/4" x 4" Victorian Cast Iron & Brass Door Rim Lock, Key Keep - Gibbons Wolverhampton Lozenge Date Mark 1882

Sold Out

Sold Out

A beautiful antique cast iron rim lock with decorative brass badge. It comes complete with original working key (works from both sides) and original keep with lozenge marker dating it to 1882.

Fabulously styled with unusual designed keep, rounded latch and decorative heavy edging.

The original key is stamped "Gibbons Wolverhampton" on one side and "A, 31" on the other side. The key has a slot on the end which enables it to be turned from the other side using a screwdriver. 

The lock has been professionally restored to a very high standard and is in full working order. It's has been given a satin lacquered finish.

Will fit a right hung door. 


  • Lock: 16cm (6 1/2") wide, 10cm (4") high and 2.5cm (1") thick
  • Keep: 2.75cm (1 1/4") wide, 10cm (4") high and 4cm (1 1/2") deep
  • Key: 11cm (4 1/2") long
  • weighs 850g
  • The center of the keyhole is 5.5cm (2 1/4") from the edge of the deadlock side

In very good condition, full working order.

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