5 Pairs Original Antique Edwardian Round Glass Door Knobs Circa 1900

Sold Out

Sold Out

  • 5 matching pairs antique round glass knobs
  • 5 pairs solid brass replacement back plates
  • Measure 5cm x 5cm
  • Polished

Five matching pairs of original antique brass and glass door knobs with high quality solid cast brass replacement back plates. Mercury mirrored centers that retain their original stunning sparkle.

These are matching pairs and were salvaged from the same property, although the mercury mirrored centres do vary slightly in pattern as is the nature of the lining. 

  • 5cm (2") wide
  • will project 5cm (2") from the door

They're suitable for most door lock types including mortise, rim and push/pull. We can even convert them for use on cupboard, drawer or wardrobe doors if you wish.

The brass shanks have been polished and have a satin finish, however they are not lacquered and will tarnish naturally with time if that's the look that you prefer. 

These are unusual as they have a ribbed pattern to the edges of the collars which reflects beautifully through the glass knob giving a kaleidoscope effect.

All are in outstanding condition, but one does have some very minimal mercury loss.

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