1913 Restored Antique Indicator Butler Bell Box

Sold Out

Sold Out

Professionally restored and fully tested, in 100% working order.

When a room bell is pressed a flag drops down to alert the staff which room requires assistance. Flags are reset by pushing the corresponding bar situated on the side. At present the flags are just numbered on plain card, giving you the opportunity to really personalise it with illustrations, card etc of your choice.

Ideal for just connecting up to your front and back door bells for a authentic period feature. The hardwood case is beautifully crafted with box joints, brass screws and hinges.

The gold circles are in excellent condition and the internal parts have registered design numbers dating the box to 1913.

  • 19cm (7.5") high
  • 18.5cm (7 1/4") wide
  • 8cm (3 1/4") deep.

In excellent condition, without damage, or worm. Full working order.

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